water leak detection in walls

Who to call for water leak detection?

The first thing to know is that water leaks should be dealt with by a professional and licensed plumber. In many states, it is illegal to perform plumbing tasks by non-certified plumbers. You can check yourself if your fittings and fixtures are working fine or not if you find any leakage, it is time to call an expert.

Detecting a toilet leakage

If you follow these simple steps you can follow for water leak detection toilet leakage:

  • If it produces hissing sound there might be leakage and it indicates that water is escaping.
  • For making sure flush the toilet and the cistern fill. Add some food coloring to the water, prefer dark color and close the lid again.
  • Now after half an hour open the lid and observe the color of the water. If the watercolor is different there is a leakage.

Detecting leaking in pipes

Here are some suggestions for you to locate any brut or leakage in the pipes:

  • Carefully listen to any dripping or spraying.
  • Observe the wall and locate any dampness or spots. Also, find areas where the paint is peeling off.
  • Pools of water can be found in the kitchen or bathroom where there is a pipe burst.
  • If the house has been left for several days looking for mold. After the detection of mold or moisture, it is good to contact an expert to find out the issues.

Be careful while purchasing tap fittings

While purchasing tap fittings be careful. Buy them from recognized hardware stores. If there is no warranty available for the products do not buy any product. It is recommended to consider recognized plumbing supplier to buy tap fittings. Keep the location of the washer in mind while purchasing tap fittings.

Why prefer licensed plumbers for the detection of leakage or bursts in pipes?
It is a fact that air is compressible, unlike water. For high-pressure leak testing, the air stored in pipes is compressed but with significant volume. If there is leakage in pipes, or there is a joint failure, the volume of stored air will increase rapidly and it may lead to an explosion. So if the person is qualified is enough and knows his work the chances of such issues are less.

Some ideal control measures

  • The risk of explosion can be eliminated if hydrostatic pressure testing pipe systems. With a small amount of liquid high-pressure can be build and it will be less dangerous.
  • For water leak detection hand-operated testers should be used. They have a lower compression rate so there will be low chances of explosion.
  • Using compressed air pressure testing uses additional control measures.
  • For water leak detection feel free to contact us we will test taps, toilets and hot water. We will report if any issue found and also recommend a possible solution that can then be rectified by a licensed plumber. You can also detect yourself by following the above suggestions. But be careful as it is a task of professionals.