How to find leaking pipe in wall

How to find leaking pipe in wall

Defective plumbing is the main cause of water leaks. When you see a dark spot on your floor, wall, or roof, it is a clear sign of the plumbing problem. Leaks can also because of rainwater draining inside the wall. Leaking pipes in the wall are very dangerous: it can lead to structural damage and mold problems in the wall. Some leaks happen in difficult to reach areas like deep inside a wall or ceiling. It will be difficult to notice these leaks. On the other hand, some leaks are reachable and can be dealt with easily, like under the kitchen or bathroom sink.

To find a leaking pipe in the wall, you need to go for signs, and after that, you can find where the problem is and how you can deal with it. So here are some signs that you can look for detection of water leaking pipe in the wall:

Look for standing water puddles

It is a simple way to tell that you have a leaking pipe in the wall. When you see that floor is always wet at a certain spot. You will see water standing near major appliances or sink and shower.

Look for a change in texture

When there is water leaking pipe in wall, you will see the bubble-like texture. Wallpaper o paint will be damaged at the spot as water distorts its original texture. Walls having leaked pipes behind will appear curved outward. You will also notice drooping sections.

Look for molds

If there is a leak for a very long time now, you will notice molds growing on your wall. In the early days, I will look like a cluster of brown or black dots. Well, it is not necessary that if there is mold growing, you will see it. It may be growing inside the wall, which is saturated with a water leak. Some molds are allergy-causing and can impose serious health problems. If you notice molds on your wall, immediately remove them and fix the water leaking pipe in wall.

Look for the musty smell

If you do not notice any visible sign of leaking pipe in wall, use your sense of smell. If the leak is not repaired, the wall will not dry out and will give off a musty odor. This odor can be a sign of some other problems, but sometimes it can be an indication of leakage deep inside the wall. Thick walls can absorb water effectively and will not give you any visible sign, so this will only option.

Look for variations in the water bill

If there is a leakage of water in the wall, you will notice an increase in your water bill. With this, you will not be able to pinpoint the location of water, but it clearly indicates that there is water leaked somewhere in your house.

How to pinpoint the location of leakage

There are certain water leak detection instruments to detect the leakage in the wall, for example, moisture meter. With the help of moisture meter, you can analyze the moisture content of a wall when placed directly against it. Place it at different spots, and where you see maximum reading, it is spot closest to leak. You can either purchase it or rent it from a hardware store. There is also some other water leak detector like the infrared camera to check this.


Looking for some clear signs can help you in water leakage detection. If you feel like there is a leaking pipe in wall, but you don’t know what the exact location is, go for professional help as it is a task of professionals call water leak detection in wall .