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    A water leak on residential or commercial properties wastes millions of litres of water every day. Leaks from loose piping, dripping faucets, leaky water heating units, and plumbing make many households pay high water bills. A typical household can lose 2,000- 20,000 gallons of water annually through water leaks.

    We will Find the Source of Water Leaks

    You can tell that there is a water leak when you water bill increases even though your water usage remains the same. To find out the places with dripping water, you can consider the following issues: nav nav-pills

    Some leaks however are more difficult to find and are not immediately visible which is when a qualified water leak finder such as Home Leak Inspections should be called.

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    Lexa TilingLexa Tiling
    04:04 18 Apr 22
    Our plumber reported that we had a water leak in the repair area. And recommended that we contact a specialist, for detections.I contacted Leon on Sunday morning and he was at our property in the afternoon. Leon found the leak location in half an hour - it was on the front yard about one meter deep. He quoted me a more than reasonable price.I can't speak highly enough of Leon of Home Leak Detection and highly recommend his service.
    Theodore GidasTheodore Gidas
    02:56 07 Dec 21
    Found 2 gas leaks on the job,very complicated job, highly recommend Leon for any gas or water related problem
    Alistair PhillipsAlistair Phillips
    22:28 11 Nov 21
    Leon came out to a job same day to help with water leak. Found issue fast and really helped me out. Would definitely use again.
    Nathan KarasNathan Karas
    03:03 06 Oct 21
    Very good service, great price. Definitely recommend for anyone needed leak detector.If you have rain leaks, call these guys !!
    Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson
    22:17 11 Jul 21
    Leon is always on time! Finds leaks very quickly, with many years of experience.Always recommend Leon for finding water and gas leaks.Highly Recommend!!
    Sofia ShismanSofia Shisman
    06:57 05 Jul 21
    Highly recommend Leon’s services. He has done work for our firm and has been efficient. He tends to find the leak and explains what needs to be done to rectify.
    Michael SaidMichael Said
    00:39 02 Jun 21
    I've had this problem with my rain water for as long as I can remember. He was on time, very easy to communicate with and well priced. Highly recommend from for all leaks as now I have used him multiple times.

    How Leak Detectors Address Water Leaks

    Leak Detectors can offer inspection services using infra-red and other leak specialist equipment to check and manage leaks using flow control technologies. When your water meter registers unexplainable higher readings, water leaks tests and investigations of the water usage are necessary.

    The water leak expert can do the following:

    How to Conduct a Water Leak Test

    A water leak test will determine whether water loss is the reason for the high bill.

    For the water leak test to work, you must ensure no person flushes the toilet, uses the dishwater, washing machine, garden irrigation equipment, or sprinkler. Turn the evaporative cooling units too.

    An Undetected Water Leak

    Once the water leak test confirms your fears, you will need to engage a professional water leak detector, who will do further investigation on your water system. The detector expert can help to manage the existing and future water leaks on your property.

    Water Leak Specialist Melbourne

    We service residents who live in metropolitan Melbourne so it doesn’t matter if you are in the northern suburbs, eastern suburbs, south eastern suburbs or western suburbs. We will come to you.

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