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    As a homeowner, there are many things you need to worry about. Having a water leak is one of them. Understanding how to detect a water leak under your home and learning what caused it can help you to seek the right assistance in getting the problem taken care of quickly before it causes more damage to your home.

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    Do You Have a leak?

    Water is more likely to leak from the wet areas of our home. This means the bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Many of these leaks may start out as small. However, without treatment, they can turn into major problems later down the road. The longer you let water problems happen, the more expensive they’ll likely be to have fixed as they’ll lead to more serious damage with time.

    Hidden water Leak Under House

    If there are no signs of a water leak showing up in your home, then it’s possible the leak may be coming from the subfloor. This can be difficult to assess as it’s typically under a layer of concrete or another hard surface. A trained expert can use the help of a CCTV camera to inspect the drains in your home. They simply will utilize a long cord and insert the camera piping down into the pipes of your home. This will allow them to assess any faulty pipes, breaks, cracks, or bad joints.

    Fixing A Broken Pipe Under The House

    Once you’ve been able to successfully identify where the broken pipe is at, it’s now time to think about repairing it. The most basic option is to dig up the subfloor. That involves using a jackhammer and could potentially break other areas of the piping. A better option is to go with a trenchless repair. The type of repair that will be performed will depend on the actual problem causing the water leak under house Melbourne.
    In the event your leak is due to a cracked pipe, there are easy adhesive solutions that can be placed in the piping. These can be made from plastic, steel, or clay. if the pipe has a significant break, you may need to have an entire liner installed throughout the entire length of the pipe. This liner essentially acts as the new piping system and leaves the older piping as a protective outer shell. This is one of the most commonly used methods for dealing with water leaks under the subfloor.

    Water leak under house


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