gas meter

How to read your own gas meter

All gas meters have a meter number, which coordinates the meter number on your bill. Each meter has a MIRN (Meter Installation Registration Number) or a DPI (Delivery Point Identifier). These numbers are doled out to each address and are utilized by the meter specialist co-op to recognize your property.

VIC gas meter numbers for the most part have four numbers and two letters for example 1234AB.
SA gas meter numbers for the most part have eight numbers for example 12345678.
NSW gas meter numbers for the most part have two letters and six numbers e.g AB123456.

Instructions to peruse your gas meter

Gas meters show use in either metric or magnificent units.

Metric gas meters

Metric gas meters measure use in cubic meters. “Cubic meters” or “M³”. A perusing is done from left to right. The high contrast digits ought to be perused. On the off chance that you see red numbers on your meter, overlook them as they are for trying.

Gas meter – Metric
Gas meter perusing: 17246
Royal gas meters

Royal gas meters measure utilization in “cubic feet” which will show up on the meter’s clock face, this is then changed over to cubic meters.

A perusing is finished by taking note of the numbers from each clock, from left to right. In the event that the pointer is between 2 numbers, note the lower number. At the point when the pointer is somewhere in the range of 0 and 9, read 9.

The extra dials marked ½ and 2 are not used to figure your meter perusing, so you can disregard these.

Gas meter – Imperial
Gas meter perusing: 392,000
Presenting your own meter perusing

On the off chance that your meter is anything but a brilliant meter, you can present your own power or gas meter perusing on the off chance that you have gotten an expected bill.

On the off chance that you’ve gotten various evaluated bills, if you don’t mind get in touch with us so we can sort out a reasonable time for your meter to be perused. Your meter ought to be perused in any event once like clockwork to guarantee that you just compensation for the vitality you use.