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    We’ve been operating for over 15 years and there’s no substitute for experience in this line of work. There’s not any leaks Leon hasn’t seen. Due to his experience he’s much faster at finding the source meaning you can then make arrangements for the repairs to take place.

    Water and Gas leaks may occur on an old or new properties and will lead to costly repair and bills increase. To avoid this home owners should check water and gas consumption regularly and be alarmed with any spikes in usage.

    Gas leak can lead to a dangerous explosion and the cost of repairs can be up to huge amount of money. This cost is inevitably passed on to the homeowner. In old homes gas leak usually came from aged pipe connections, boilers or condensers. If the gas leak has come from gas pipes you can usually fix the leak or find another way to remove the gas. If the gas leak has come from a gas heater, in old homes you should call a local plumber for emergency repair gas leak.

    In new homes gas leak is very rate. However gas leak can appear due faulty appliances installations.

    Water leak are more common is old homes because of pipes. During long time the materials in old pipes will start cracking. This process is inevitable because of the mother nature. A trigger of water leak might be very simple, such as rainy or dry weather. The soil start to move that cause the old pipes to crack . The whole process might takes seconds or ages. You might not even noticed your usage or bill change in first time, however after some time water leak will increase and will be very obvious with warning signs like no water in bathroom sink, water coming out of tap, rusty water coming from taps or even visible water in basement, or water on your bathroom floor.

    We are professional water and gas leak detectors with huge experience under our belts. Please get in touch by phone or email if you are looking for help.

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