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Here at Home Leak Detection Company, we know that big problems often arrive in very small packages- and then they grow. The truth is that most leaks, once they start out, are often almost undetectable without the proper equipment. Yet they wear away at the surface around them and grow larger and larger, or perhaps just weaken things structurally until, one day, there’s a big breakout.

Whether this involves gas or water doesn’t really matter. It’s going to be very dangerous when it happens and extremely expensive to fix if it isn’t caught at an early stage. Yet the real secret to leak detection is the realization that where the leak is noticed is quite frequently not the place in which it actually occurs. A gas leak, for example, might take place far back under the flooring but would only be noticed once it finds a point where it vents into the living space halfway across the room.

As homes heat up and cool down during the day, household pipes expand and contract. This constant flexing can weaken every kind of pipe joint and even expose weak spots in the pipe itself. This is not to say that a typhoon, earthquake, or even the inevitable aging process cannot shake things loose suddenly. It is also possible that errors in the home’s original construction can create leaks that go undetected for many years.

Finding the actual source of the problem takes many years of experience and a full slate of all the proper detection tools. Leak Detection Company professionals understand that time is of the essence when it comes to finding dangerous leaks and that is why we are available on a round the clock basis. We won’t just take your call in the middle of the night and promise to dispatch someone in the morning. We will get right on it because we know that emergencies don’t happen on a convenient little schedule and they never take any days off.

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Lexa TilingLexa Tiling
04:04 18 Apr 22
Our plumber reported that we had a water leak in the repair area. And recommended that we contact a specialist, for detections.I contacted Leon on Sunday morning and he was at our property in the afternoon. Leon found the leak location in half an hour - it was on the front yard about one meter deep. He quoted me a more than reasonable price.I can't speak highly enough of Leon of Home Leak Detection and highly recommend his service.
Theodore GidasTheodore Gidas
02:56 07 Dec 21
Found 2 gas leaks on the job,very complicated job, highly recommend Leon for any gas or water related problem
Alistair PhillipsAlistair Phillips
22:28 11 Nov 21
Leon came out to a job same day to help with water leak. Found issue fast and really helped me out. Would definitely use again.
Nathan KarasNathan Karas
03:03 06 Oct 21
Very good service, great price. Definitely recommend for anyone needed leak detector.If you have rain leaks, call these guys !!
Tyler JohnsonTyler Johnson
22:17 11 Jul 21
Leon is always on time! Finds leaks very quickly, with many years of experience.Always recommend Leon for finding water and gas leaks.Highly Recommend!!
Sofia ShismanSofia Shisman
06:57 05 Jul 21
Highly recommend Leon’s services. He has done work for our firm and has been efficient. He tends to find the leak and explains what needs to be done to rectify.
Michael SaidMichael Said
00:39 02 Jun 21
I've had this problem with my rain water for as long as I can remember. He was on time, very easy to communicate with and well priced. Highly recommend from for all leaks as now I have used him multiple times.


Friendly service and punctually

Great service found 2 gas leak within minutes

Stephen S.

Found water leak in record time

Leon was very professional and found water leak in record time. He double checked everything and gave me some tips on how to solve the problem. Highly recommend!!


Prompt and honest

Leon, you are a true gentleman my friend, thank you for being so prompt and honest, found the leak under the driveway in no time, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my family and friends. Thanks

Eddy M.

Great job

Thank you for the great job, found a gas leak under concrete on a 100 m run, excellent customer service, and gets straight to work, doesn’t leave until your satisfied

Saad E.

Very professional and quick response

Leon found our leaking pipe in no time. His fee was about what we were paying extra on our water bill. So good value.

Djakunda A.

Emergency gas and water home leak detection

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